He almost lost his family jewels. Tom Jones has not known a single woman in his life and her lover side could have cost him dearly. In 1968, the interpreter of the tube Sex bomb then at the height of his success, began a tour in the United States. He then met the American singer Mary Wilson, whom he began to meet regularly. The only problem with this idyll: the artist, aged 28 at the time, was already married to a certain Melinda Rose Trenchard.

As the Daily Mail tells it, she would not have hesitated to warn her husband when she discovered that she was being cheated: “His wife had threatened to castrate him if he continued to cheat on her with the singer “indicate the daily. But not enough to push Tom Jones to put an end to his affair with the former member of the Supremes, who found themselves in somewhat funny situations because of this dangerous game. Once, Mary Wilson even had to be urgently evicted from Tom Jones’ apartment in Bournemouth just before his wife Melinda showed up to “party her”. Unfortunately, such is taken who thought they took, in the kitchen oven, was a good little dish concocted by Mary Wilson. “And who cooked that? You’d better fix it all quickly or else you’ll be able to do much without your pair of balls,” his wife would have threatened him.

Mary Wilson is no more

While Tom Jones will turn 81 this year, Mary Wilson passed away on February 8 at the age of 76. The historic member of The Supremes died suddenly in her home, two days after announcing that she would be releasing a new recording and reissuing her first solo album, released in 1979. The circumstances of her disappearance have not been disclosed, but this one strongly saddened her friend Diana Ross who wanted to pay tribute to her on Instagram. “My condolences to Mary’s family. I remember every day was a gift. I have so many wonderful memories of our time together. ‘The Supremes’ will live on in our hearts,” she captioned ‘a snapshot of the female vocal trio which also included Florence Balland.

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