In 2016, Tom Holland rose to international fame by reprising the role of the superhero Spider-Man, integrated into the Marvel universe. If the young actor loves his job, the celebrity has not only had advantages for him. In an interview with GQ, he indeed revealed that as his fame grew, he began to face sleep paralysis. A disabling disorder where the person wakes up unable to move or speak. While this happens to him especially when he is working a lot, Tom Holland explained: “You are awake, but you cannot move!”

This caused the actor to develop a nightmare in which he wakes up in full sleep paralysis and finds his bedroom filled with paparazzi taking pictures. In all transparency, the actor said: “They are all there, and I’m looking for my publicist, like, ‘Where is the person who is supposed to protect me? And then when I can move again, I turn on the lights, and it’s over. And I’m like, oh, my God, I’m in my room, I’m fine. There’s no one here. But so I’m going to get up and look for a recording device or something that somebody has put in my room. “

Tom Holland is a sleepwalker

In addition to sleep paralysis, Tom Holland also struggles with sleepwalking and has found that he often undresses while he sleeps. “Four times out of ten, I wake up completely naked,” he said. To counter his sleep problems, Zendaya’s companion tried lucid dreaming, during which the dreamer is aware that he is dreaming. He explained, “When you sleep, your brain works a lot faster than it does when awake. If you are in a dream and reading something, say, a stop sign, and as you turn around, when you look back the stop sign will have changed. So what you do is – and this is where it looks silly – you set an alarm for every hour of the day. day when you’re awake. When the alarm goes off, you’re reading something. “

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