Tom Holland and Zendaya as a couple: this fiery kiss captured in all discretion

Their obvious complicity had given rise to many rumors … And if the two actors have never confirmed them, they will now have a hard time denying them! In photos, obtained by Page Six, Tom Holland and Zendaya were seen kissing passionately as they were both settled in a car, parked in Los Angeles. The 25-year-old comedian lovingly held the 24-year-old actress’ face. Minutes later, the Euphoria star’s mother was pictured walking out of a residence with the young couple. A way for them to formalize their love story, which was the subject of much speculation since the filming of Spider-Man: Homecoming, in 2017.

At the time, sources said that Tom Holland and Zendaya were indeed a couple. “They were very careful to keep it private and out of public view, but they went on vacation together and try to spend as much time as possible together,” said one of them in the columns of People. Another close to Tomdaya then added: “They are both very ambitious and they challenge each other – but, more importantly, they fall for each other. They seem to have a really similar sense of humor and love to joke together.” But the two have always firmly denied this relationship. “The funny thing is when he says we’re going on vacation together, the young woman laughed on Twitter during the first rumors. I haven’t taken a vacation in years!”

Since when are Tom Holland and Zendaya a couple?

“He’s literally one of my best friends. For months, we’ve been on press tours together,” Zendaya added to Variety. And in recent months, the two have found love elsewhere as well. In July 2019, Tom Holland was seen holding hands with Olivia Bolton in London. But according to relatives, the two broke up a few months later and just wanted to be friends. As for Zendaya, she has been spotted several times very close to Jacob Elordi, who played alongside her in Euphoria. But obviously, their friendship turned into love. In a recent interview for British GQ, the actor said that talking to Zendaya about the celebrity “helped him a lot”, in the sense that he “seemed to be a bit of a jerk to the fans at times.” . He added that the young woman Zendaya “has totally changed the way [he can] be more comfortable in public”.

Zendaya and Tom Holland © AGENCY

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