Tom Hanks: the son of the comedian accused of racism after lunar remarks about white men

Tom Hanks, first married to Samantha Lewes from 1978 to 1987, had two children with the latter, a son, Colin, and a daughter, Elizabeth. Then during his second marriage to Rita Wilson, the actor became father to Chet and Truman. Growing up with a progenitor of the caliber of Tom Hanks should not be easy when one seeks to build oneself, even if it is quite possible to pull out of the game. This is particularly the case of Colin Hanks , the eldest of the comedian, himself a successful actor. But for Chet Hanks, things seem more complicated. A bit of an actor, a bit of a musician and a bit of a businessman, the young man is probably struggling to find his place. A frustration which could explain his many exits from the road, Chet Hanks for example often acting as if he were black. Indeed, the son of Tom Hanks has regularly been filmed speaking with a Jamaican accent, or pronouncing the “N word”. More recently, it was by launching a clothing line called “White Boy Summer” that Chet Hanks set fire to the powder, accused of conveying racist and Nazi codes. The Guardian also pointed out that the Gothic-style typography of the letters displayed on Chet Hanks products is reminiscent of that of white nationalists. In a recent video, the young man has further fueled the controversy by declaring “I have the feeling that this summer will be that of white men”, angering many Internet users.

“I’m not talking about white people like Trump”

Faced with the controversy, Chet Hanks wanted to explain his reasoning, specifying that he was not talking about “white people like Trump” but white people “like (himself)”. “No ill will or prejudice against anyone with a different background, race or lifestyle than you,” Tom Hanks’ son added in an Instagram story. Racist? Probably not, but off the mark, certainly.

Tom Hanks © Backgrid USA

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