While he is currently showing Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise has long been talked about because of his link with Scientology. And while this widely controversial religious movement was the reason for his divorces from Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes and his estrangement from his daughter Suri, it was also the cause of his first marriage, to Mimi Rogers.

Born in 1956 in Florida, Mimi Rogers is the daughter of Philip C. Spickler, one of the founders of the Church of Scientology, with Ron Hubbard. After a first marriage in 1976 and a divorce four years later, she decided to approach Tom Cruise. The actor will quickly fall in love and enter the religious movement. At the time, the young woman would have been commissioned to recruit stars and make them become promoters of Scientology as part of a “Celebrity” project. On May 9, 1987, the couple decided to get married.

Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers were married for 3 years

Only three years after their marriage, Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers decide to divorce. At the time, the couple would say in a statement, “Although our marriage had some very positive aspects, there were issues that couldn’t be resolved even after working on it for some time.” In 1993, during an interview granted to Playboy, the young woman will declare having encountered problems of intimacy with the actor of Top Gun. She will go so far as to call him a “monk” before retracting.

Finally, Mimi Rogers will experience a career as an actress and producer. She will notably stand out in the role of agent Diana Fowley in the series X-Files: On the borders of reality, from 1998. The actress will then marry producer Chris Ciaffa and give birth to two children, Lucy in 1994 and Charlie in 2001. Today, some media label her as a former member of the Church of Scientology.

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