It’s a very pretty but polluting gift that Tom Cruise gave. As Christmas is fast approaching, the actor would have, according to the American press, transported 300 cakes from Los Angeles to London, the filming location of Mission Impossible 7, in order to offer them to the members of the film’s technical team. . Known as “Tom Cruise cakes,” these coconut and white chocolate pastries from Doan’s Bakery in Woodland Hills, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, were reportedly flown in a private jet. The actor would indeed have required that his personal plane make a round trip of more than 8000 kilometers across the Atlantic Ocean to deliver these sweets. Not very eco-responsible all that.

Sold at a price of $ 50 a piece, the gifts would have cost the actor the tidy sum of $ 15,000, not counting the delivery. A source at UK newspaper The Sun said “Tom wanted to give the Mission Impossible team a Christmas present and decided that only cakes from his favorite bakery in L.A. would do.” This same source adds that “it’s extravagant, but Tom is an incredibly generous person and he wanted to do something special for everyone who worked on the film with him.”

A cake sent to many stars

The famous cake, which is originally called Bundt, was created in 1984 by the founder of the bakery, Karen Doan. It’s made with chunks of white chocolate, a layer of frosting, and toasted coconut on top. It was later dubbed the “Tom Cruise Cake” by several stars who received one in the mail. Among the recipients of the pastry, we find the actress Kirsten Dunst, the actor Henry Cavill or the presenters Jimmy Fallon and James Corden. “I see Tom every now and then. He sends me a cake every Christmas. When the cake comes, I shout ‘Tom Cruise’s cake is here’ and all my friends know what that means,” Kirsten said. Dunst in 2015, who has received the cake every year since meeting the actor on the set of Interview with the Vampire in 1994.

Tom Cruise © Backgrid UK

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