Tom Cruise: the actor’s radical gesture angry at the Golden Globes

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which is organizing the Golden Globes ceremony, is in turmoil. While the award ceremonies have been criticized for several years for their lack of diversity, both among voters and among those nominated, a real wave of indignation rose up last February against the HFPA – which is already overwhelming. the accusations of racism, sexism and homophobia – due to the complete absence of black people among the voters for the 2021 edition of the Golden Globes. The controversy has grown to such an extent that NBC has in turn dissociated itself from the association, declaring on Monday that it will not broadcast the retransmission of the Golden Globes for 2022. As for actors, many of them denounce the lack of diversity, but also the few reforms carried out by the HFPA despite criticism. This Monday, Tom Cruise, triple rewarded by the association during his career, expressed his dissatisfaction through a strong gesture. The actor has indeed returned his three trophies (won for Born July 4, Jerry Maguire and Magnolia) by sending them by parcel to the headquarters of the HFPA.

The organizing association of the Golden Globes, dropped by several big names in entertainment

On the sidelines of NBC, which has been broadcasting the Golden Globes for several years, several entertainment companies have announced their intention to boycott the HFPA as long as the organization does not make radical changes. Thus, Netflix, Amazon or WarnerMedia will no longer work with the association until further notice.

Tom Cruise © Guirec-Guignebourg

Tom Cruise © Guirec-Guignebourg
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