Filming Mission Impossible 7 doesn’t make life easy for Tom Cruise. As the Mirror reports, Tom Cruise has once again lost his self-control. Unlike other times, the actor this time attacked tree branches. Indeed, these made too much noise and Tom Cruise ended up losing his temper. “He can’t take much anymore. So imagine how baffled everyone was at such a commotion for a simple tree. The hanging branches were banging on the roof of the lodge that Tom and some of the other actors are using. Apparently, it does. was getting very irritating and they couldn’t take it any longer. Two local guys were called in to take care of the problem and cut those offending branches, “said an anonymous person who witnessed the scene.

Since the beginning of filming of the seventh installment of the Mission Impossible saga, there have been many twists and turns. While he started at the beginning of 2020, he had to be suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic. Between the accidents, explosions, the stress of the situation, Tom Cruise’s nerves were strained and he repeatedly went wild. While the film’s release has already been postponed many times, it should finally see the light of day in the year 2022. In recent months, Internet users have been regularly discovering the backstage of the atmosphere that reigns on the film set.

Tom Cruise had already lost his temper on the set of Mission Impossible

If Tom Cruise retains the title role of the film, he has become its producer. And as much to say that he took his responsibilities very seriously. This is why he got angry with two of his employees who did not respect the wearing of masks. A sequence that had made a lot of noise.

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