Tom Cruise secretly recorded: his incredible stroke of blood on the set of Mission Impossible

Due to the health crisis, many film shoots have been stopped. While the next installment in the Mission Impossible saga has taken a little delay, Tom Cruise wishes at all costs that the film be ready as soon as possible. Thus, he would not bear if members of the team did not respect the sanitary rules. In an audio document published by The Sun, the 58-year-old star can be heard getting angry after seeing two colleagues behind a computer, who did not respect social distancing. Furious, Tom Cruise yells at his team: “We are the reference. They took over the shoots over there in Hollywood thanks to us, because they believe in what we do. I am on the phone every night with all of them. fucking studios, insurance companies, producers, and they watch how we work to make their films. We create thousands of jobs you asshole. I don’t want to ever see this again, ever again! “

While no one dares fight back, Tom Cruise added, “I’m sorry, but I can’t apologize anymore. You will give them to the people who have lost their homes because our industry is going to shut down. It will not help. food on their table or won’t pay for their studies. It’s with these thoughts that I fall asleep every night. I told you before, so it’s like this. If you don’t, you We are not going to stop making this fucking movie! Got it? Do you understand what I want? You understand your responsibility? Because if you are not reasonable, you will be fired, that’s all . “

Tom Cruise went full Les Grossman on the Mission: Impossible 7 crew for breaking COVID protocols

– Icculus The Brave (@FirenzeMike) December 16, 2020

Internet users support Tom Cruise’s words

Following the publication of the comedian’s recording, many Internet users thanked the actor on Twitter. It reads: “I am someone who can separate my personal feelings about Scientology and Tom Cruise’s investment in it and the fact that he is absolutely right about the importance of maintaining the health protocol. on the rare productions currently filming. Jobs and lives depend on it! ” ; “It’s that simple. Be good colleagues. Don’t be assholes …”; “This is beautiful! I wish more people with power would react like that to people who don’t follow protocol or wear masks. If only more people saw the end goal than finger pointing. Tom here. Thanks for being an example of that, sir! ” ; or, “I don’t know who recorded this, but thanks, and thanks Tom for taking it so seriously.”

Tom Cruise © Backgrid

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