Almost unrecognizable Tom Cruise. This Monday, February 13, the star of Top Gun was present for the traditional lunch of the Academy of Oscars which brought together the nominees of the 95th ceremony to be held on March 12. And upon his arrival, the actor quickly stole the show from the other stars present.

In a beautiful bespoke midnight blue three-piece suit by Brioni, which he paired with a lilac patterned tie, Tom Cruise appeared with a dazzling smile, a sparkling eye and still as charming as ever. He also showed up with long hair and a rather confusing tan. The ex of Katie Holmes indeed displayed an orange complexion, which did not fail to make the Internet users laugh who had a field day on social networks.

Tom Cruise debuts striking new look at star-studded Academy Awards lunch

— Page Six (@PageSix) February 15, 2023

Tom Cruise proudly displays his age

But at 60, Tom Cruise seems above all to finally assume his age. We were able to see his wrinkles, which he no longer hesitates to hide. As for the skin of his neck, it is more marked. A physical appearance quite the opposite of that which had sparked controversy in 2021. During a baseball game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants, the American comedian appeared with a puffy face. “Tom Cruise appears to have overused anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, which actually had a detrimental effect on his appearance,” Dr. Nyla had analyzed in the Daily Mail. This swollen appearance of the face is one of the main effects of excessive injections of botox or hyaluronic acid. But several months later, Tom Cruise finally seems to be done with his complexes.

Tom Cruise: long hair, orange complexion… The unrecognizable actor for his first outing in 8 months

Tom Cruise © Backgrid USA

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