To save the life of a baby, a 12-year-old heroine intervenes in the face of the shots of a madman

“She was going to protect the baby no matter what,” said Reverend Marcia Westbrook in a whisper of his niece, Makayla Saulter. On August 30, the 12-year-old girl with laughing eyes and youthful features was shot in the head while trying to protect Winter, her sister’s baby, from a mad shooter. The events took place in a quiet part of the city of Bloomington, in the United States. Out to help the great-aunt fill a moving truck parked in front of their house, the Saulter family hears a burst of detonations that they initially take for fireworks.

A few meters away, however, the one who has been their neighbor for more than three years leaves his garage with a gun in his hand and rage in his heart. Determined to kill their lives, the 48-year-old – later identified as Jason Michael Mesich – points his pistol in their direction and pulls the trigger. The shots are fired and bullets are raining down. Her 18-month-old niece in her arms, Makayla takes flight with great strides.

Hit on the back of the skull, she collapses to the ground, the baby is safe and sound

An umpteenth detonation stops its mad course. Hit in the back of the skull, she collapsed to the ground, the baby, safe and sound, still curled up against her heart. “She fell, prevented Winter from being shot and shot in the head,” testifies Reverend Westbrook, who now speaks of his niece as a “heroine”. For her part, Winter’s mother Canisha, 29, is immobilized on the ground after being shot in the hip. The mother of the siblings miraculously comes out unscathed. Yet for three years the Saulter and the Mesich had lived side by side without seeing each other.

“I don’t think they spoke once. He was just a shooting freak,” Marcia Westbrook said. The only disturbing fact is that he “always looked at them out the window” without ever having expressed any disagreement. During his arrest, this maniac of relaxation will however say that they were not “good neighbors”, adding that he “hated all children” and especially that he feared that the Saulter could have been the unwitting witnesses of the murder of his wife.

Before shooting the Saulter family, he murdered his wife, Angela

A few minutes before shooting Makayla’s family, Jason Michael Mesich, in fact, murdered his wife, Angela. A murder perpetrated after a violent argument between the two forties about their sexuality, too impoverished for the taste of sir. After using his fists to hit Angela in the collarbone, it was with his weapon that he attacked her. “According to him, his wife would have said:” Just shoot me “”, relate authorities. He also said he fired several times to make sure she was “dead.” When the police arrived at the scene, they quickly found Angela’s body, but also Angela’s. teenage girl.

Makayla is on the ground and bleeding, but she is still alive. Little Winter, protected by her aunt’s body, does not suffer from any scratches. Despite the arrival of the authorities, the maniac does not however surrender. With hundreds of cartridges at his home, Jason Michael Mesich locks himself in and shoots the police for three hours. “At one point, an officer from Bloomington fired back. The subject was eventually taken into custody and was not injured,” authorities said, who set his bail at $ 1 million. He is now charged with the murder of his wife and attempted murders.

When she woke up, Makayla “remembered everything except the incident and the past year”, said the older sister.

Since this traumatic episode, the heroine of the family, shaved and bedridden, is slowly recovering from her injury in the hospital. The medical team had to remove part of her skull because of a major fracture, and predict that Makayla will remain lying down at least “two or three months” before the missing part of her skull can be replaced. And no one knows when the young girl will be able to recover all of her capacities. Ten days after the fact, however, Makayla seemed on the right track.

“We were able to talk with her for a full hour and she was smiling. She remembered everything except the incident and the past year,” said siblings’ older sister Charnae, 30. Doctors didn’t think so. not that she would be able to speak or remember anything and they are just surprised at how far along she is. ” Her family is convinced that their heroic Makayla is capable of any feat.


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