Emmanuel-Philibert de Savoie wants to leave his daughters a beautiful legacy.
Clotilde Courau’s husband has already invested in a restaurant in California.
This time, Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy wants to restore the image of a football club that once fell into the hands of the mafia.

Father of two magnificent daughters, Vittoria, 19, and Luisa, 16, Clotilde Courau’s husband is investing in a new project. According to his statements, quoted by Purepeople in his article of February 1, 2023, Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy wishes that with his daughters “the circle of these difficult years of the house of Savoy will close”. The magazine also tells us that Emmanuel Philibert de Savoie is not on his first project. The 50-year-old prince is the brainchild of a restaurant based in Westwood, California. Obviously, the husband of Clotilde Courau is really not the type to twiddle their thumbs.

After his restaurant project, here he is in a project that he describes himself as “complete irrationality”. Quoting Point de Vue, Purepeople declares that the Prince of Savoy will take over the football club AC Savoia 1908. We learn that it is an Italian football club founded in 1908 and currently based in Torre Annunziata. However, the most amazing thing is that the club has fallen into the hands of the mafia in the past. “During a wave of arrests of members of the Camorra, a connection was established between these people and the team. The presidency at the time had to let go of the club, which was then taken over by four tifosi without means,” said Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy.

Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy: the prince did not know where he was going

“Without knowing where I was going, I came to Torre Annunziata to meet Nazario Matacchione, who has since become its president. In a short time, we decided to take over this abandoned club”, explains the husband by Clotilde Courau, 53, in the columns of Point de Vue. Emmanuel-Philibert does not rush headlong and he is far from undertaking this crazy project without a specific goal. “[…] but it is true that the recovery of this club, I do it for the love of this territory and my country. […] It is also for my daughters”, explains Prince Emanuele Filiberto. Moreover, Emmanuel-Philibert mentions in his declaration that he wants to “leave a well-made baggage which they can use to do what they want in Italy”, speaking of his daughters.

"To do what they want with…": this crazy investment by Emmanuel Philibert de Savoie for his daughters

Prince Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy © Zuma Press

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