The RMS Titanic was an ocean liner which was to connect Southampton and New York. Almost everyone knows the circumstances of the sinking of this great ship between the night of April 14 to 15, 1912. After all, many books talk about it and works like the film TITANIC relate the facts, even if everything in the film does not is not necessarily true. Regarding the toll of people who died during the sinking of the Titanic, Wikipedia announces nearly 1,500 dead. Many sources such as the site “” or “Chronique du xxe siècle, Larousse edition p. 151” and “Universal Encyclopedia Larousse Multimedia 2006”, announce figures between 1491 and 1513 dead. Around 700 people are believed to have survived the sinking.

It is the crew members who have the most casualties. After all, 76% of them died there. Then come the third classes, which have many victims. In all, 75% of them died following the sinking. The reason for this figure would be linked to several factors. First of all, the third class cabins were very far from the embarkation deck. In addition, the latter was difficult to access. Let’s also add the fact that the third classes were made up mostly of immigrants, many of whom did not speak English. This made orientation in the ship even more difficult. There is also the fact that many people in third class were retained at the start of the sinking by doors which were closed by the crew.

The first classes had fewer casualties

After Third Class, Second Class had the third highest number of deaths on the Titanic. 59% of them died and men were the most affected. The majority of second-class women were saved. As for the first classes, 60% could be saved. Almost all the women of the first classes were saved with a third of the men. The fact that more men of the first classes survived is explained by the choice of 1st Officer William Murdoch. He had accepted that many men get into the first lifeboats. Yet at that time, only first class passengers were present on the boat deck.

Men and children have the most deaths

The news site announces that more men died in the sinking of the Titanic. In all, 25% of the women on board died compared to 82% for the men. This even if half of the survivors were men. There are also children, the majority of whom will never see the new world. 53 of the 109 children aboard the Titanic died during the sinking. While all second-class children were saved, only one first-class child died during the sinking. It is a 3-year-old Canadian girl named Loraine Allison. During this tragedy, many families were destroyed.

Titanic: how many people died in the shipwreck?

Titanic: how many people died in the shipwreck? © Pexels

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