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Tinder: she asks her matches to fill out a form before their date

Can love be predicted? While many people prefer to give fate a chance, some do not see the point. And this is particularly the case of a Tinder user, who decided to leave nothing to chance. Registered on the application to meet the most famous in the world, she chose to set up a rather special selection so as not to waste time meeting people who did not suit her. His idea ? Create a very precise form, to which her “matches” had to answer before being able to have a date – or not – with her. On the screenshots shared on the Reddit site, we discover a complete questionnaire. On it, she asked for basic details like nickname, age and what they were looking for in a relationship, among other things, before moving on to other more diverse topics.

To be able to meet this mysterious woman, for example, you had to be a Harry Potter fan. She asked in fact in which house of Hogwarts would study its potential date … She pushed the form so far as to want to know the political opinions of the “candidates” and whether or not they were “feminists”. Among the questions written by this young woman? “What is your favorite Taylor Switf song”, “Do you like cats?”, “Where do you live?” etc. Very specific questions, even downright intimate, that did not really please the people with whom she connected. Because quickly, one of them decided to take this questionnaire and their exchange in screenshot in order to share them on Reddit. And Internet users were quick to criticize the strange process of “application” set up by this young woman, desperate to find love without wasting her time.

Internet users are divided

One of them had fun writing, “I would fill it out and end up with an awkward 10/10”. “Why couldn’t you just have a normal conversation and just ask these questions without having to fill out such a document?” Asked another while a third got annoyed at this “totally narcissistic” technique since ‘she does not allow to know “things about her”. “You can already tell thanks to these questions that he is one of the most unbearable people on the planet, added a user, visibly shocked by this gesture. Thank her and break yourself.” But others were won over by this idea. “I like the survey I wouldn’t mind creating one for myself,” said one Internet user, before another added: “I’m older and I’m going through a divorce, so maybe I have a different perspective. It sounds like a great concept, especially if you know what you’re looking for beyond age range / gender / sexual preferences. “

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