Tina Turner: abandonment, executioner husband, illnesses… This shocking documentary in which she bids farewell

At 81, Tina Turner bows out. For the occasion, the American singer has decided to say goodbye in a documentary soberly called Tina which traces her entire journey. A few days before the broadcast of it – scheduled for March 27 on the HBO channel – some extracts were unveiled. In one of them, she looks back on her old relationship with Ike Turner, to whom she was married from 1962 to 1978. Years of living together during which she suffered several violence. She got nothing from her divorce, apart from the right to keep her stage name.

It was in the 1980s that the artist, then at the start of her career, decided to speak openly about the domestic violence to which she had long been the subject. Especially because this relationship was still so passionate. “After all the success I had had, people were still talking about Ike and Tina. I wasn’t interested in talking about that embarrassing time in my life. But I thought that this way I could get rid of the journalists, “she recalls, as reported by the Daily Mail. Despite the years, Tina Turner never healed. and talks about post-traumatic stress. Today, the interpreter of Proud Mary reveals to have “flashbacks” in which she reviews the scenes of physical violence. “This scene, she comes back. It’s like a curse,” she admits.

Ever more intimate confessions

In this documentary, Tina Turner also discusses her health problems. She suffered a stroke in 2013 and three years later battled bowel cancer. She also underwent a kidney transplant in April 2017, a donation from her husband Erwin Bach to save her life. She also talks about her childhood and the abandonment of her parents which marked her terribly. “My mother used to sit by the kitchen window when she made Sunday meal. And I loved looking at her. I thought she was so pretty. One day she was gone. the window. She’ll never be there again, “she says. Intimate confessions and archive images to better understand the one that marked several generations.

Tina Turner © Action Press

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