Perhaps Tim Burton’s most famous love story is the one he experienced with his muse, actress Helena Bonham Carter. Met in 2001 during the filming of The Planet of the Apes, the director and the actress welcome a first child, a son, William Reymond, in 2003, then a daughter, Nell, in 2007. After 15 years of love, the couple ends by separating in 2014, while maintaining friendly relations. Doubt still hangs over the question of whether they were married or not, since Helena Bonham Carter once used the term “divorce” to refer to their separation, while according to several media sources, they would never have been married. Anyway, before this romance, Tim Burton was indeed married this time (and perhaps the only one, therefore) to a German artist, Lena Gieseke. Born in 1965 in Germany, she studied fine arts and photography and became a special effects technician. Lena Gieseke met Tim Burton during his promotional tour for the movie Batman in 1989. They married the same year before divorcing in 1991.

Tim Burton to direct Addams Wednesday series

The famous director has been in the media for a few days because of the announcement of his collaboration with Netflix for the Wednesday series, dedicated to the adventures of Wednesday Addams. The story takes place in a small town in the United States that is home to a series of murders. The heroine, Mercredi, a teenager at the time of the events, leads the investigation to elucidate the mystery that hangs around her parents’ past. For the moment, no name has been revealed concerning the actress who will take over this cult role, although many would have liked to find the one who played this dismal character twice, Christina Ricci. For reasons of temporality, there is little chance that their wish will be granted. Tim Burton will be directing alongside screenwriters Al Gough and Miles Millar, who created the Smallville series.

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