When one life on social media can hide another. Monday February 8, Dazharia Shaffer, star of Tik Tok for several months, died at the age of 18 years announced his relatives the day after his disappearance. According to police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the young woman committed suicide, People reports. “My daughter Dazharia left us early and was called to fly with the angels”, declared her father, who notably hinted that his daughter had had mental health problems for several months, far from the image that ‘she referred on social networks.

“I just wish she had told me about her stress and her suicidal thoughts. We could have worked on that,” her father said. A few hours before taking her own life, Dazharia Shaffer recorded and posted on Instagram a video called “Last Post”, in which she staged herself singing a song to reveal her beauty , as she used to do. A final staging for the young woman of 18, to whom her relatives have paid tribute, still in the misunderstanding of her gesture.

Dazharia Shaffer’s mother is “heartbroken”

A true star of social networks, Dazharia Shaffer was followed on Tik Tok by more than a million people, but also on Instagram where she has more than 149,000 subscribers. Devastated by her disappearance, her family decided to launch a participatory fundraiser on GoFundMe in order to finance her funeral. “I’m so heartbroken. I really can’t believe it. I wish you’d told me it was a joke but it isn’t. I wish I had died in your place,” wrote his mother on Facebook, adding a tender “rest in peace my angel”.

Dazharia Shaffer © Instagram

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