The Belgian media relayed the sad news of the death of Luca Itvai on February 2, 2022. The 21-year-old influencer suffered five fatal stab wounds. According to Liège investigators, Pietro, ex-father-in-law of Luca Itvai, is the author of the homicide. The man would be in his thirties and would be well known to justice for acts of violence, according to the Belgian media 7sur7. The murderer was strangling the mother of the young man when the latter arrived, according to investigators from Liège.

His mother’s ex-boyfriend inflicted several fatal stab wounds on him in response. After committing the crime, Pietro fled. Rescuers arrived on the scene, but could do nothing more to save the life of Luca Itvai, whose real name is Luca Pisciotto. The young man’s mother, meanwhile, escaped with some minor injuries. Pietro gave himself up to the police on the evening of February 2, 2022.

Luca Itvai was stabbed to death

The circumstances of Luca Itvai’s death are appalling to say the least. RTL specifies that the blows were “dealed to the heart, throat and liver of the young man”. Luca Itvai is very well known on Tik Tok, he has almost 2 million fans, according to RTL. On Tik Tok, the young man is known for his dances, his challenges and his physique. Tributes from his fans are flooding social networks. “It’s horrible to die so young, but he died a hero,” wrote a fan of the young influencer on Twitter. “I’m still shocked by it, I followed him on tik tok from the start. He clearly didn’t deserve what happened to him,” wrote another.

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