Where one should feel sorry for themselves, this Canadian family has chosen an anticipation that is both singular and moving. Mia, Colin, 7, and Laurent, 5, have a rare genetic disease. Their days are numbered, in the sense that one day or another they will inevitably suffer from partial or total blindness. Their disease, retinitis pigmentosa, causes their retina cells to gradually degenerate, as Slate magazine explains in its September 13, 2022 article. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for this disease.

Instead of waiting, moping or harboring any false hope, this family from Canada has chosen to travel around the world. Their goal is to introduce three of their children, who have this horrible disease, to the wonders of this world. Mia, Colin and Laurent will thus be able to record “the most visual memories before the fateful date”, reports Slate. Speaking to CNN, Edith, the mother of four, said she thought, “I’m not going to show him an elephant in a book, I’m going to take him to see a real elephant.”

A world tour that starts with difficulty in Montreal

The project of this Canadian family with their 4 children, one of whom does not have the genetic disease, encountered many pitfalls. Mia, Colin and Laurent’s parents had planned the trip for the summer of 2020 when Covid-19 and health restrictions forced them to review their itinerary several times. Finally, their journey was able to begin in March 2022. The family of six share their adventures in Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Mongolia and Indonesia on social networks. The children’s wish to see as many animals as possible is thus granted.

Three of their four children are about to lose their sight, they make a shocking decision

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