It was time to confide in Thomas Isle. In your magazine Closer to be published on newsstands Friday, January 14, 2022, the host has indeed confided in his relationship with his wife Carole Tolila. He who is usually very discreet revealed the underside of their meeting. “I was at Sciences Po Toulouse and she at the Faculty of Law and Political Science in Nice. My brother knew her and strongly encouraged me to contact her because we had the same subject on political broadcasts on TV. For six months we talked on the phone. I spent whole nights with her, hanging on my cell phone. ” he said. According to her, her closest friends didn’t even recognize her anymore… “I didn’t go out anymore. I fell in love with her without even knowing what she looked like. We finally met for the first time in Paris and we immediately fell into each other’s arms “added Thomas Isle.

Thomas Isle and Carole Tolila soon to be new parents?

From this strong union were then born two magnificent children: Edgar and Thelma. Enough to make Thomas Isle happy. “Edgar is 9 and Thelma is 6. I’m a real daddy hen. I take more care of them than my wife because she works a lot. I cook all the time and I love it.” said the host. The only thing is: if he does his best, Carole Tolila’s companion admits to having a small defect; that of being “a big mess”. “To the great despair of Carole, who cannot bear to see my jeans and my socks dragging in a ball in the middle of the room.” he confessed. But then, after two children, could a third be considered? “The question arose, but when you think about it, it’s so much work. And then I remember the beginnings with such difficult nights …” concluded Thomas Isle. An interview to find on newsstands.

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Thomas Isle and his wife Carole Tolila © COADIC GUIREC

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