Samantha Ramsdell can boast of having the biggest mouth in the world. This 31-year-old American from Connecticut has indeed just broken the Guinness record for the woman with the largest mouth opening in the world without surgery! The one who has become a real star on TikTok, where she has more than a million subscribers, has the astonishing ability to be able to open her mouth to more than six centimeters. Invited in the show This Morning this Monday, August 9, Samantha indulged in a little demonstration by gulping down an entire sandwich in one bite.

While the videos in which she plays with her “superpower” have been going viral for some time, Samantha has been in contact with Guinness since January to have her record officially set. “We’ve been going back and forth for over six months, they came out at the end of June, early July to take measurements and give me the official plaque” she explained on the show before adding: ” It’s a lot of work, they have two pages of guidelines. I had to get different kinds of measurements to prove I didn’t have surgery, it’s just natural, I’m healthy. “

How did Samantha Ramsdell find out about her physical uniqueness?

This Morning hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford investigated how Samantha found out that she had a bigger mouth than normal. A discovery she made completely by chance: “I pretty much knew I had a big mouth looking at myself in the mirror” she retorted. And to continue: “If you look at the photos of babies, my mouth has always taken up almost 80% of my face”. It was when she launched on social networks that Internet users pointed out to her that her mouth was particularly large. “I started to gain popularity around the time of the lockdown, I was doing a lot of videos of funny faces, comedy sketches and parodies. Any videos involving my mouth were always going wildly viral.” she explained.

Samantha Ramsdell © TikTok

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