This Monday, March 6, the body of Amalie, a 100-year-old grandmother, was discovered dead in her apartment in Hamburg, Germany. According to the daily Bild, the centenarian was killed by her grandson who decapitated her with an ax found at the scene of the crime.

The autopsy performed on the victim’s body revealed that she had been planted in the back, and that her cervical cord had been severed, which caused the death of the retiree. After the discovery of the corpse, an arrest warrant was issued against the grandson for manslaughter.

The centenarian killed for money?

The 37-year-old man declined to cooperate with police. For the time being his motive remains unknown, but relatives of the family have advanced to our German colleagues some reasons which could explain his gesture. “He is the black sheep of the family. Although he had jobs in the past, he worked as a chemical worker. But most of the time he was unemployed and constantly short of money,” explained a family member who had distanced himself from the respondent.

According to a neighbor of the victim, a pecuniary story could actually be at the heart of this drama because the centenarian had complained that her grandson wanted to steal money from her. “Amalie told me that her grandson had already broken into the apartment from the balcony and wanted to steal his money,” the neighbor said. Unknown to justice, the suspect was taken into custody. He faces a prison sentence of up to 15 years.

This terrible fate reserved for a 100-year-old grandmother by her grandson, the "black sheep of the family"

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