This is a disconcerting trend. Jasmine Alicia Carter, a 30-year-old Spanish influencer, tells anyone who will listen that “menstrual blood is real medicine,” according to comments reported by the New York Post. The young woman, mother of a little boy named Rav, seems to worship menstruation and wants to help women “understand and reclaim the sacredness inherent in their entire menstrual cycle”. “We’re here because of our vaginas and our blood, and women don’t get enough recognition for that,” says Jasmine Alicia Carter, who believes that historically, women have been “taught to be ashamed of their periods.” But then, how does the 30-year-old take advantage of her precious menstrual cycle? Drinking her own blood, of course. “When I drink my period blood, I usually squat on the toilet, I take out my cup and I take a sip”, explains Jasmine Alicia Carter before adding: “Sometimes it’s just a sip and sometimes it’s the whole cup, because I need more nutrients.”

The Barcelona-born influencer is adamant: her menstrual blood is rich in protein, iron, copper and selenium, and it even contains antimicrobial properties and regenerative stem cells. Supposed benefits that encourage the young woman to use her menstrual blood both as a regenerating nectar and as a skin care product. “I can really feel my skin looking its best since doing these masks,” she says.

What do dermatologists think?

If Jasmine Alicia Carter seems convinced by this beauty technique, this is less the case for dermatologists who wish to warn about the risks of this practice. “In theory, menstrual blood has many beneficial properties for the skin, but there is currently no scientific evidence that supports the use of menstrual blood as a mask,” explains practitioner Jennifer Vickers in the pages of Cosmopolitan. She also points out that it is difficult to extract menstrual blood in a “sterile way”, which implies “a risk of transferring diseases from the genitals to the face”.

This mother uses a controversial technique to improve her health


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