This addition to 25,000 euros that does not pass at KFC

Five Chinese students in their twenties found their goose that laid the golden eggs, between April and October 2018. For more than 6 months, they managed to obtain hundreds of orders for free from KFC, all for a total of 25,000 euros. And their trick is quite simple …

One of the 23-year-old associates accidentally discovers a flaw in the application of the KFC brand. By placing an order via the latter, he notices that he can pay the invoice using vouchers, and be reimbursed immediately and indefinitely using another application. He then multiplies the purchases, as reported by 20 Minutes, and shares his good plan with four of his friends. But the student goes even further. He starts selling his coupons online, making the process possible for a bunch of other customers. And especially to sell at a lower cost the food that he buys himself, in order to make a profit on it.

Except that there is. The ever-increasing frequency and amount of orders eventually aroused suspicion. A brand that could not be more popular in China with nearly 7,000 restaurants (compared to 5,000 in the United States), KFC took this affair very seriously, as did the authorities. After six months, the crooks are unmasked.

Jail time and fines for KFC crooks

The five students were recently convicted of their scam. They all get up to two and a half years in prison, and fines ranging between 127 and 764 euros. Chinese justice indeed considered that in addition to fraud, the five young men were guilty of “communication of criminal methods”.

In China, some voices were raised at the announcement of the judgment that many find “too harsh”. They say fast-food giant KFC is also responsible, failing to identify the security breach quickly enough.

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