Discover without further delay all the phrases that should no longer be said to singles.

On this Monday, February 14, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s the feast of lovers! And as tradition dictates, couples get together to spend a romantic moment together. A date that sends singles back to their loneliness? This is a cliché that has a hard life. As this fateful day approaches, single people are often stigmatized about their love situation. Moreover, they do not escape remarks on their status. A rather annoying situation. To avoid embarrassing your single friends, the editorial staff of Entre Nous reveals the things not to say to single people.

“How come you’re still single?”

This is undoubtedly THE most asked question. When you are single, you are constantly asked why. If this question generally starts from a good feeling, it gives the impression that being alone is a problem. In addition, it forces you to constantly justify not being accompanied in life. It is time to evolve and forget about this question.

“Your life must be so exciting, I’m jealous!”

Couples often envy the freedom that singles enjoy. But let it be said, there are advantages and disadvantages in both cases. In other words, let us avoid glorifying celibacy and romantic relationships.

“You may be too difficult/demanding”

No, stop there! There is absolutely nothing wrong with having expectations in love. Plus, you might antagonize a friend with these kinds of comments. Instead, you should support your single loved ones rather than burden them by pointing out their so-called flaws.

“I would see you with so and so, I will introduce him to you”

Everyone loves to play matchmaker. Like the relatives of a single person who always try to fit them in with a friend, who is also alone. A meeting that can quickly become very embarrassing for the two people concerned, especially if their only common point is to be single. Unless you were directly solicited by your single friend, leave it to chance instead.

“It will hit you when you least expect it”

If it is true that love can fall on us when we do not expect it, it is better to avoid telling a single person. This sentence implies that the latter is desperately waiting for it to happen to him and it is not very pleasant to hear.

“You should sign up for a dating app”

If it is obviously possible to find love on your phone, not everyone necessarily wants to get started. Being in a relationship is not the goal of a lifetime. Some people love their single status and don’t plan to settle down. It is therefore important to respect their choices and desires. Yes, couples do not have a monopoly on happiness!

“One lost, ten found !”

Finally, we end this little list with the most boating phrase ever heard. And when you leave a romantic relationship, these ready-made expressions are quite unpleasant. You will therefore have understood, let’s stop using proverbs that clearly mean nothing.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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