On September 12, 2018, a 26-year-old young woman called the emergency services indicating that she had found her lifeless companion. According to her, he committed suicide by cutting his throat. But quickly, the investigation will show that the man could not have done this injury alone. Already known for domestic violence, Thierry Bardoulat had an already busy past. Taken into custody, the young woman initially denied the murder charges. But little by little, she will come back to all the violence she suffered from her companion.

According to our colleagues from Marianne, the young woman then explained that she acted in self-defense: “According to her, her companion was very drunk that evening and would have grabbed her violently with the intention of throwing her out the window. She had managed to free herself before he grabbed her by the hair, then grabbed a shard of glass that had been knocked over during their struggle and knocked behind her at random to make him stop holding her. It was when she turned around after he let go of her that she noticed that her throat was bleeding profusely.”

Two being very violent

A few weeks before the death of Thierry Bardoulat, the couple would have had a big argument. “At the beginning of August, he had ended their relationship and she was furious. One day, she waited for him downstairs and when he came out, she assaulted him.” The man filed a complaint for aggravated violence. A few days later, he tells her in a message that he would rather kill himself than live without her. To which she replies: “Either you kill yourself or I’m going to kill you…”. “Both were dependent on each other. He because he suffered from social isolation due to his disability and she because she needed housing and maintenance since she was without resources”, explains master Oriane Chevallier, lawyer for the civil party.

Thierry Bardoulat case: "Either you kill yourself or…", the tragic outcome of a chilling relationship

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