It’s summer 1999: Jennifer Lopez is working on her debut album, On the 6, and meets rapper and producer Puff Daddy (that’s what he called himself at the time). Very quickly, the two artists get into a relationship and cause a sensation, whether in the tabloids or during the red carpets where they appear in glued-tight mode. We remember in particular that evening of the Grammys 2000, where J-Lo took a break alongside Sean Combs (that’s his real name), in her sublime Versace dress, ultra-low-cut and transparent … Magnificent.

Yes but now, the love story turned sour when Jennifer Lopez and P. Diddy found themselves in the middle of a shooting in a nightclub, in a club in New York. The rest of the story is quite confusing but the rapper ends up in court, and Alex Rodriguez’s ex (yes, they broke off their engagement in March 2020) will undergo a 10-hour interrogation, which will push her to end. to the relationship. Despite this event, J-Lo will keep fond memories of their romance! Moreover, on April 12, 2020, in full confinement, the bomba Latina and the rapper met on Instagram to offer Internet users a live to music “Suavemente”, in front of nearly 100,000 connected. What revive the rumors of a flashback between these two!

Jennifer Lopez and P. Diddi have they put the cover back?

In 2014, the rapper never ceased to extol the merits of Jennifer Lopez … and her attributes! Moreover, he was even ecstatic on the buttocks of his ex on the set of Access Hollywood: “His behind is incredible. It’s a real work of art. It’s something that should be part of the story. ‘story. It is much better than that of Kim Kardashian, “he blurted out, before confiding that he was” so lucky to have known this incredible woman in his life “. On the other hand, no chance of seeing them come back together, as he had assured: “No, no. We are good like this, like friends. I’m just a big fan”.


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