Difficult to hold back his tears on his wedding day as the emotions are found tenfold. Stress, relief and happiness mingle in an explosive cocktail for the bride and groom, leaving them satisfied and exhausted.

But it is for a completely different reason that Gray Narvaez-Dragion and Nyx Narvaez shed tears the day they said “Yes” to each other. For their wedding at more than 25,000 euros, half of their guests let them down at the last moment.

A deserted reception

Posted on TikTok, one of the couple’s videos caused a sensation with more than 4 million views. In this one, the newlyweds appear spinning in an almost empty reception room, the majority of the round tables as well as the dance floor remaining sadly deserted. “88 people said yes…and not even 40 showed up,” Gray commented in the video.

A cut short marriage

In the comments section, the couple claimed that they ultimately decided to cut their reception short, missing their first dance, dinner and the lighting of a specific candle. Gray was quick to add that most of their money went to making soaps, magnets and “spell pots” that guests would have received as gifts. Eventually, the couple finally kept almost all of them.

Unanswered questions

“Looking at our magnets enrages us. We can’t even use our custom soaps because it makes us cry too. “Why didn’t they show up? We spent so much time making everyone feel included. Grateful for their guests who made the trip, the couple assured their subscribers that they had “cried and laughed” with them, inviting their subscribers not to worry about them.

Recognize true friends

Also in the comments, in addition to their support, other people have come to share similar experiences and some advice. “Send an invoice for the meal to those who said yes and did not come” suggested one person. “I was expecting 100 people, I had about 50 during the ceremony and only 30 stayed for the reception. I was pissed,” another person continued. “This is how my wedding went, 127 people responded and maybe 40 showed up,” concluded another subscriber, saying it was a good way to recognize true friends.

They spend $27,000 on their wedding, half the guests let them down


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