It is an unimaginable story that took place during County Durham. On June 16, 2022, Hilda Bell, a 79-year-old woman died of a lung disease. Quickly, her three children, Tom, Denise and Debra began the process for her to rest with her husband, Thomas Bell, who died 17 years earlier. They therefore approached the funeral services to organize his burial at Holy Trinity Church in Wingate.

A few days later, Tom Bell was stunned when he received a call from the undertakers telling them that the gravediggers had found a stranger’s coffin in their father’s grave and he was nowhere to be found, as reported by the Mirror . “We really couldn’t believe what we were hearing” he confided before continuing: “Mom used to go to the hairdresser every Friday, take flowers and clean the tombstone. to say that our father’s grave that we have spent the last 17 years visiting is not his is simply unbearable”.

An error of circumstance would be at the origin of the confusion

For six long weeks, gravediggers dug through no less than 11 plots before finally finding Thomas Bell’s coffin, while his wife Hilda was still in the funeral home. The story finally ended well since she was able to rest alongside her husband, in the good grave, even if the siblings have still not received a concrete explanation.

Indeed, a month-long investigation has begun to understand how such an error could have occurred. In the end, the conclusion points to an “error of circumstance” when several burials would have been organized on the day of the funeral of Tom Bell’s father. “I don’t really feel like we’re any further ahead. That still doesn’t explain what happened and it didn’t answer any of our questions,” he lamented.

They meditate on the wrong grave for 17 years, the explanation is lunar

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