Inhuman conditions. In North Carolina (USA), a 9-year-old child was discovered locked in a dog crate by Davidson County police officers. As a press release indicates, the agents intervened after receiving an anonymous call this Wednesday, October 19, around 6:50 a.m., informing them that a child had obviously spent the night in the cage.

Arrived on the spot, the police noted that a young boy was indeed in a cage closed by a padlock. They therefore forced the lock to free him before contacting the emergency services to help him.

Three family members arrested

After making this terrible discovery, the police decided to force entry into the home where the child’s family resides. Inside, they came across the child’s stepmother, Sarah Starr, and two other children, who showed no visible signs of injury, reports True Crime Daily. The woman was arrested, as were the boy’s biological father, Jonathan Starr, and his aunt, Shelley Barnes. All three are now being prosecuted for abuse. Pending trial, the children have been placed in the care of Davidson County Social Services.

They lock their child in a dog cage, the police use the strong way

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