2023 is off to a strong start for the Windsors. Prince Harry promises new revelations in his memoirs, which will appear on January 10 in bookstores. The Duke of Sussex reflects on the weight of royalty, his history with Meghan Markle and his relationship with his family. But also on these photos, taken by the paparazzi this famous evening of the year 2005, which created the polemic in the whole world.

Indeed, Prince Harry is only 20 years old. He goes to a costume party. He chooses a Nazi military uniform, with an armband on which is printed a swastika. The photos, published in the Sun, go around the world, the British crown is embarrassed. In his book, Prince Harry returns to the beginnings of the controversy. He says he contacted his brother and his sister-in-law before the evening, to ask them their opinion: should he wear a pilot’s costume or the famous Nazi costume? “I called Willy and Kate, I asked what they thought, says the father of Archie and Lilibet. They answered me a Nazi uniform.” Back home, Prince Harry does the fittings in front of William and Kate. “They were all laughing. Worse than Willy’s pantyhose suit. Much more ridiculous! But that was the point.”

Harry’s Appeal to William and Charles

Confidences that should not patch up Prince Harry with his brother. Indeed, in the interview with ITV News, Prince Harry says he wants to make up with Prince William and his father King Charles. “In a way, they think it’s better to leave us this bad image, he confides on television. They have shown no sign of a desire for reconciliation. I would like my father to come back. Let my brother come back.” A call that is likely to remain… unanswered.

"They howled with laughter": Kate and William would have encouraged Harry to wear his Nazi costume

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle © © Mega / KCS PRESS

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