A tragedy never warns when it happens. A tragedy that this brother and sister could never have imagined. It was on a beach in the city of Toms River, New Jersey that this sad story took place on May 17. An 18-year-old boy and his 17-year-old sister were buried in sand while digging a large hole on the beach, reports NBC 10 Philadelphia. The boy died as a result of this accident.

Yet it was a family outing where the two teenagers had fun digging the ground. Nobody would have believed that these were the last moments that this brother and sister spent together. A land subsidence occurred around them. This is how brother and sister found themselves buried under tens of centimeters of sand. Their parents, of course, called the emergency services, which quickly intervened. If the boy died instantly following the landslide, the girl was still able to be saved. The paramedics provided him with emergency treatment.

Passers-by joined forces to save the boy

In the afternoon, the body of the young boy was excavated using an excavator. The media reports that passers-by helped the rescuers to get the teenager’s body out. NBC 10 also adds that the beach was unsupervised at the time. The thing is, the monitoring devices aren’t being rolled out until June in New Jersey.

They have fun between brother and sister on the beach without suspecting that they are living their last happy moment together © Pexels

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