We are talking about a time, that clearly, the under 20s cannot know … It was in 1995. At that time, Matthew Perry plays in the series Friends and Julia Roberts is invited as a guest for playing the role of Suzie, a former friend of Chandler Bing, in episode 13 of season 2. Except that, if they teased each other in front of the camera, in off, it was much more serious. Under the spell of each other, the actor who celebrated his 50th birthday on August 19, 2020 and the most famous Pretty Woman on the planet begins a romantic relationship.

Their relationship lasted in 1995 and 1996: Julia Roberts and Matthew Perry were even pictured rolling shovels barefoot in a parking lot in Los Angeles. Between them, the love story was passionate but punctuated by many arguments, violent and regular. So, they preferred to separate. If they never formalized, the entourage of the flamboyant actress had confided to People magazine: “They had several dates and had fun together, but obviously, it did not stick”.

Does Julia Roberts have children?

Richard Gere’s former sidekick is a happy wife and mom! Indeed, Julia Roberts is in a relationship with Daniel Moder since their meeting on the set of The Mexican, in 2000, when he was assistant director on the set. Since then, they haven’t left each other and got married two years later in New Mexico. They had three children, Hazal Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter, the fraternal twins born in 2004 as well as Henry Daniel, born in June 2007. On July 4, 2020, the American actress celebrated her 18 years of marriage with her husband by posting a tender shot on Instagram. We love.


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