Yetunde Price was the half-sister to tennis champions Serena and Venus Williams. The young woman died in a shooting in April 2003 in Los Angeles, while she was with her companion at the time, Rolland Wormley. While the film The Williams Method, which is inspired by the journey of the two sisters and the role of their father, Richard Williams has just been released in theaters; Rolland Wormley has decided to confide in the American magazine The Post concerning the death of his girlfriend.

He returned to the night of April 30, 2003 and explained that Yetunde Price had come to pick him up while he was at a friend’s house in the West Compton neighborhood. He said: “I saw a guy waiting at the side of a house … he had something in his hands and he shot us.” After the tragedy, the young man who was behind the wheel of the car reportedly quickly took him to his mother, who immediately called the police.

Rolland Wormley then accused police of arresting him on suspicion of an armed robbery instead of dealing with Yetunde Price. He explained: “They left her in the car while she was still alive (…) if they had taken her immediately to the hospital, she might still be alive”.

Rolland Wormley: “I was sent to hell the minute I lost Tunde”.

If Rolland Wormley has had great difficulty in mourning Yetunde Price, he is now angry with the Williams family. He told The Post: “Not many people have heard my side of the story. It’s really weird. The truth is, the Williams family not only put me in the bathroom, they did. also flushed the toilet “.

He then went on to explain that the family accused him of being connected with his girlfriend’s death: “I was sent to hell the minute I lost Tunde. His family thought I was. had something to do with it “. Worse yet, they would have silenced him following the drama. For its part, the Williams family did not wish to respond to Rolland Wormley’s accusations.

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