At the turn of 2022, the Bogdanoff brothers bowed out, a week apart. A tragic double disappearance, which also revived the debate on vaccination. Indeed, neither Igor nor Grichka were vaccinated against Covid-19. After catching the virus in mid-December, they had both been hospitalized, then placed in intensive care, before being carried away by the disease. Following their death, several of their relatives assured in the media that the two brothers were not anti-vaccines, but simply that they favored natural treatments. “They were not trying to evangelize anyone on this subject! It was really a decision, or a non-decision, very personal”, explained Amélie de Bourbon-Parme, the ex of Igor Bogdanoff, adding that they had ” phobia of doctors and drugs “.

But then, at the beginning of December, during an interview with France Bleu, the two brothers had said they were close to the positions of Professor Didier Raoult, who has long expressed reservations about mRNA vaccines. “We sincerely believe that Didier Raoult, whose scientific background is indisputable and superior to most of those who criticize him, has answers,” said Igor Bogdanoff. The excerpt from the interview in question was rebroadcast this Wednesday on the set of C à Vous, under the eyes of Raphaël Enthoven, a great friend of the two brothers. The latter deplored the influence of the Marseille professor on the Bogdanoff brothers. “It breaks my heart,” replies the essayist in reaction to the images. “They believed Didier Raoult, they died of it. There, that’s what happened.” Then he adds: “I think they disagree with themselves today.”

Raphaël Enthoven violently criticizes Didier Raoult

A few moments earlier, Raphaël Enthoven had not mince words with Didier Raoult. “This man has always said anything!”, He had launched before adding: “He could not be right from time to time? If we review all of his statements, we live in a world parallel! We are in the presence of someone who is objectively dangerous! “

Raphael Enthoven © France 5

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