Claudine Phillips, 53, told The Argus how her 83-year-old mother was upset when she opened her birthday card. Joe Wilkins, 85, and Terry Wilkins, 83, from West Sussex, celebrate 60 years of marriage on September 8, 2022. It is also the date of the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England at the age of 96, recalls The Sun in its September 13 article. 60 years of marriage is a very important event for the Wilkins couple.

In addition, their daughter Claudine made the trip from Dubai to celebrate this event with them. Especially since Claudine’s son is also celebrating his 17th birthday on the same day. “It was also my son’s 17th birthday, so we had planned a big family take-out meal for 7pm,” Claudine Phillips told The Argus. On Saturday September 8, Her Majesty’s death after her seven-decade reign was announced at 6:30 p.m. “Of course the announcement came at 6:30 p.m. and we had the card on the table, my mom and dad didn’t know any of that,” says Joe and Terry Wilkins’ daughter.

The timing was perfect for their 60th wedding anniversary

Opening the birthday card, Terry Wilkins can’t believe his eyes. This is a card signed by Queen Elizabeth II herself. “My mother cried when she opened the card, she was so shocked,” Claudine said. The card signed by Her Majesty was sent the day before. The Wilkins couple open the card signed by Queen Elizabeth II just half an hour after the announcement of the latter’s death. Claudine Phillips describes the situation as bizarre and “bittersweet”.

They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on the day of the death of Elizabeth II, an unexpected message upset them

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