The story is worthy of a sad Hollywood movie. In 2019, an American couple who wanted to start a family decided to use a surrogate mother. But when they discovered the face of their baby, they finally decided to have him adopted. This story, the father of the child tells it anonymously on the community site Reddit. “My wife and I have always wanted to have a baby,” he wrote, explaining that his wife suffered from Stein-Leventhal syndrome, an ovarian disease, and therefore could not “carry a pregnancy to term”. So we paid a surrogate very expensive to have our own child. She was a nice woman who took care of her body, and we got on really well.”

After nine long months of waiting, the Internet user and his wife went to the hospital to welcome the new member of their family. But things didn’t go as planned. “My wife and I were very happy on the day of delivery but when I saw the baby, I knew something was wrong, says the father of the child. The baby had very Asian, black hair and brown eyes when we are both white and blond with blue eyes. We immediately told the doctors about it and asked for a DNA test.”

The sperm used was not that of the father

Shortly after the birth, an investigation revealed that the biological mother of the child was indeed the American, but that the surrogacy agency and the sperm bank had accidentally exchanged the father’s semen with another. An “extremely rare” incident according to the respondents, which upset the young parents. “We don’t care about ethnicity, we’re just sad the baby isn’t ours. Is it wrong to want to sue the agency and not keep the baby?”

Consulted thousands of times, the story of the couple has generated very strong and numerous reactions on Reddit. Most Internet users criticized the parents’ decision, saying that “having brought this child into the world”, they now had “the responsibility to take care of him”. Nevertheless, in his Reddit post, the father confirmed that he contacted an adoption agency.

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