An irresponsible mother. This Monday, October 31, Eloisa Fraga, a 33-year-old young woman, was arrested in Texas (United States) after shooting her 18-month-old baby. The facts occurred during a Halloween party during which the mother of the family, who was playing with a gun, injured her child in the chest.

According to information from NBC, relatives took the child to the hospital on Sunday evening, when he was unconscious. When they arrived at the health facility, they explained to the health staff that the baby was playing with their mobile phone when it exploded, causing the injuries it presented. But after examining the child, the doctors quickly found that this scenario did not stick. They therefore notified the San Antonio police to open an investigation.

A noise “that looked like a balloon bursting”

Investigators therefore went to the hospital to question the relatives. The latter explained that the whole family had spent the evening with a relative to celebrate Halloween. Beside them was the baby, settled in his stroller with a cell phone in his hands. But several witnesses then said they heard a noise “which resembled the bursting of a balloon”. It was then that they noticed that the child had been shot in the chest.

And according to those present at the scene, the accident was caused by the baby’s mother, Eloisa Fraga, who was playing with the gun that injured her child. Several witnesses identified the young woman as the one at the origin of the shot, thanks to a photograph. After the incident, she would have left the scene before being arrested on Monday and placed in police custody. She was released after posting $75,000 bail.

They bring their injured baby to the emergency room with a dubious explanation, the reality is scary

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