They are twins and want to get pregnant at the same time … from the same man

At 34, Anna and Lucy DeCinque do everything together. The “most identical twins in the world” eat together, sleep together, go to the bathroom at the same time … and sleep together, with their mutual boyfriend. These young women from the city of Perth, Australia, have been living with Ben Byrne for nine years. But that’s not all. Anna and Lucy DeCinque now have a dream: to get pregnant at the same time. According to the Daily Mail, the two sisters plan to freeze their eggs at exactly the same time and try to conceive babies through in vitro fertilization to “live their pregnancies together.” “We want to live everything together in life, explained Lucy DeCinque. We will die together, we will age together, that’s how it’s going to be.”

“We’re looking at in vitro fertilization, we’re even freezing our eggs at the same time. Who knows what the future holds, but we want to do it together,” her twin sister said. “It will be a challenge, but everything in our life. is a challenge. We want to be together all the time. ” And when our colleagues asked them if they would be upset if one became a mother to a boy and the other to a girl, Anna replied: “All we said was that we would like to have a pregnancy together. As long as the child is happy and healthy, that’s all that matters. ” The two sisters live with their boyfriend Ben, as well as their mother, and share the same king size bed with their mutual boyfriend. The twins explained that their companion had no trouble distinguishing them, “from day one.” And if their previous partners had tried to “separate” the sisters, Ben accepts their “bond and closeness”.

Their companion? “Our best friend is a keeper”

“He could’ve said it from day one,” said Lucy. “Our mom can’t tell us apart and even on the phone he knows it. The first night we met him, we both kissed him. We were like, ‘We really love this guy, let’s see how it goes.’ In the past, we had boyfriends separated and they didn’t understand the bond and our closeness. Both sisters reiterated that there was no problem with the unusual setup because Ben is getting “double the love”. Lucy continued, “We’re never jealous. If he kisses Anna, he’ll kiss me right after and he’ll never separate us. He loves us as we are. He doesn’t mind that we dress in. the same way or our weird habits. He’s our best friend, he’s a keeper. ”

Anna and Lucy DeCinque © Instagram

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