It is a real tragedy. A 29-year-old woman was found dead by her friends. While renting a flat for the bachelor party of one of them, the body of Kay Reed was found unresponsive in Liverpool. All the young women had spent the day playing golf to celebrate the future marriage of one of their girlfriends. During the day, Kay Reed complained of pain. Decided to lie down, she was unfortunately found dead. Despite the care provided by doctors, the young woman could not be saved.

An investigation has been opened. According to initial findings, the young woman went for a drink with friends. Then the next day, she played golf all day, before getting ready for an evening out. Returning around midnight, the young woman was found lifeless an hour later. “It is more likely than not that the alcohol consumed rendered Kay unconscious. Kay vomited and inhaled stomach acid into her upper respiratory tract resulting in her death. I think this shows how alcohol can be dangerous,” a source commented.

Poignant tributes for the young woman

Since the announcement of his death, the tributes rain. His friends created a web page in his memory and paid their respects. “Enjoy paradise, my perfect Kay. I wish you were here to see how loved you are. Make sure you have a pint waiting for me sweetie. I love you more than words could never say, and actions could never show. You are the light in my world and I will keep you with me forever”.

They are celebrating the upcoming wedding of one of their own, everything changes after a discovery in the bathroom

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