Kim kardashian

Her butt, which is as famous as she “broke the internet” more than once! Kim Kardashian knows it well: her buttocks have become her trademark! Hundreds of merchandise come out every year, from pinata to Kim K’s butt t-shirts. That’s why an insurance company valued them at $ 21 million.

Daniel craig

When he turns in the James Bond saga, Daniel Craig performs his own stunts himself. This is why he decided to insure several parts of his body, to be covered in the event of an accident! Thus, his smile, his legs, his abs and his toes are therefore insured for $ 8 million.

Keith richards

Keith Richards is a genius guitarist. And to keep playing, he needs his middle finger more than any other part of his body! This is the reason why he was valued at $ 1.6 million by his insurance broker.

Mariah carey

The legs are a part of the body that many celebrities have taken over. Mariah Carey was no exception and insured her two legs for $ 1 billion.


Madonna loves her breasts, and that’s why she decided to insure her for the modest sum of $ 2 million. On the other hand, we do not know if they were estimated together, or individually.

Cristiano Ronaldo

CR7 is an ace of the ball: his legs have made him the player he is today! This is why Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to thank his ultra-powerful legs, insuring them for 144 million (the right leg) and 70 million (the left leg).

Julia roberts

What would Julia Roberts be without her incredible smile: a beautiful necklace of teeth that lights up her face as soon as she is happy! The actress knows it, her ultra-bright smile has made her famous. Moreover, it is estimated at $ 30 million.

Claudia schiffer

Thanks to her pretty face, Claudia Schiffer has risen to the highest levels of modeling. And that’s why her face is worth a million, like Naomi Campbell’s.

Bruce springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is far-sighted! Known for his powerful voice, the interpreter of Born in the Usa assured his voice, very young, by signing a contract with the company Lloyds Banking. The latter watches over his vocal cords for $ 6 million.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a real show-girl, who goes on to concerts. This is why she decided to insure her legs for more than 40 million dollars. Because as reported by his press officer: “If something happened to her legs, she would no longer be able to give concerts”.


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