This strange, yet tragic story took place in Brisbane. Indeed, a woman, Rebecca Louise Burden, had finally had the opportunity to visit her father after the lifting of the restrictions linked to the Covid-19. Her father, Steven Burden, lived in a retirement home, the Regis Aged Care facility in Sandgate, north Brisbane. Only, she suffocated him with a cushion during this meeting. Rebecca Louise Burden explains that she understood her big “error in judgment” when her father asked her to kill him. Note that Steven Burden, 68, suffers from a brain injury and severe dementia.

According to information collected by the Daily Mail, after her act, she told a nurse what she had done. Steven Burden survived and when questioned about what happened he confessed to having no memory of it. According to Mr. Burden’s account, he suffered a brain injury following a car accident. For two years, his daughter took care of him. Except that he went to live in “a specialized establishment at the end of 2019 after she pushed him down the stairs, breaking his ribs”, according to the media.

“Please kill me. I don’t want to be here anymore”

During his visit on September 26, 2020, Steven Burden allegedly begged his daughter to get him out, according to Rebecca Louise Burden’s account to authorities. Responding to her father that she had no right to do so, he then said to her: “Please kill me. I don’t want to be here anymore”. “It was then that Rebecca Louise Burden stroked her father’s forehead until he fell asleep and then smothered him with a pillow,” according to prosecutor Katrina Overell.

This 47-year-old woman said she wanted to end the suffering of her father who always seemed sad. “I believe I am a good person who made a big mistake,” she told the court. The verdict for Rebecca Louise Burden is expected for July 22.

These four heartbreaking words that convinced a woman to kill her father © Pexels


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