Kristi and Jared Owens, two Americans, were about to leave Texas to fly to Las Vegas for a few days. But when they checked in their luggage at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport, a member of staff told them that one of their suitcases was more than 2kg over the authorized weight. Two solutions are then available to the couple, as Slate specifies: pay for excess baggage or reorganize their business. They choose the second option … and they got it!

By opening the suitcase in question, Kristi and Jared discover Icky, their chihuahua, who swings his head up and down with his tongue sticking out. Obviously, he did not intend to let his masters go on a romantic getaway without him. The little dog had hidden in cowboy boots, added to the luggage at the very last moment on the day of the trip. Lovers assume their pet must have squeezed into the suitcase a few hours before departure. But during this surreal moment, just a few meters from the boarding gate, the couple worry: what will the airline staff think?

Icki picked up by a family member at the airport

Luckily for Kristi and Jared, a staff member offered to watch the dog while they made a few calls for someone to come and pick him up. Jared’s uncle rushes to join the couple at the airport to pick up Icky. All’s well that ends well for the couple, who did indeed fly to Las Vegas. And the icing on the cake: Kristi and Jared hit the jackpot in the gambling capital of the world. They are convinced that inky’s escape attempt was only a good omen.

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