Shiwangi Bagoa has committed the irreparable. This anesthetist assistant at University College London Gospitals NHS Foundation Trust was found dead in December 2020. By her side: Ziana, her only two-year-old daughter. Their bodies were discovered by the child’s grandmother at their family home in London. Despite their rapid arrival, paramedics were unable to save their lives. Shortly before going to her daughter’s house, she had found a suicide note written by Shiwangi Bagoa. In it, the audience apologized for putting her mother through ‘a lot of things’ and said she was taking Ziana with her because she ‘didn’t want to be selfish’ leaving her daughter to them. .

An inquest into the deaths of this mum and daughter found that a few days before her suicide, Shiwangi had gone to her place of work in the middle of the night and had accessed the operating theaters, in the area where the drugs were kept. . “Investigations revealed that medicine bottles were stolen from West Moreland Street Hospital from a locked cabinet that Shiwangi had 24-hour access to,” said Detective Sergeant Terry Goodman, who was the lead officer investigating the case. On the afternoon of December 9, the nurse sent her then-boyfriend, Joseph, a photo of a note she had written to her daughter, where she revealed that she felt “bad mother”.

This mother killed her daughter

After having collected the drugs at her workplace, this mother would have made her daughter swallow them before taking a large quantity. After an investigation, officers concluded that Ziana had been “illegally killed” and that Shiwangi had died by suicide. The medical cause of death of mother and daughter is “respiratory failure due to drug poisoning”. “It is heartbreaking for you to have lost not one, but two members of your family, in such difficult circumstances, an investigator explained to the court. I am sure that these losses were felt very widely by all those who knew Shiwangi and Ziana.”

A mother has committed the irreparable © Pexel

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