It’s a pretty amazing story. Lara Fabian, who signs her return to the media scene with the publication of her book Everything, returned to a particular episode of her life. In her book, she confides in her romance with a married man, with whom she lived when she was younger. When she had just won her fourth place at Eurovision, she describes this man, named Roy, as “the man of her life”. She even admits having done things “gratinated” for love. While she is madly in love with this man, she decides to go to Ireland to find him.

But now the one who made her heart beat finally accompanied her to the airport on Valentine’s Day. She then explains that she took the plane in a worrying state: “It was the last time in my life that I saw him. eighteen-year-old passenger.” That is what is said. In his book, the interpreter of I love you also talks about his eating disorders which lasted several years. “At the end of April 1999, in a popular restaurant in New York called Scalinatella, where all the Oscar-winning cinema throngs, where I am a regular customer with my “friends” from showbiz, for the first time I do not keep my meal”, confides she.

Lara Fabian’s “descent into hell”

She will then experience a real “descent into hell, slowly but surely”. His mother and his manager later understood what was happening: “both are desperate. I will fight an animal called complex eating disorder. I will hurt myself. It will last seven long years”. Lara Fabian will then fight against this evil: “I will oscillate between weeks where everything is apparently fine. Weeks where I will eat an apple cut into seven quarters for each day. (…) other weeks where I will spend whole nights with my head in the toilet”. The singer wanted more than anything to become a mother and it is thanks to this wish that she was able to get out of it.

Lara Fabian: “Very slowly I will regain hope, I will regain a taste for everything”

She was also accompanied by other women: “For many years, they will engage, repeat themselves, also get angry… They will do everything possible to get me healed. It will work, it will take years, but I will heal. Very slowly I will regain hope, I will regain a taste for everything. I will once again touch the confines of what defines me, beyond the shadows”. The artist also discovered to be gluten intolerant: “I admit that, when I discovered in the most improbable way that I had this affection, it took me a few hours, posed in silence, to measure the impact that this news was going to have in my life”, she reports. “This disturbing discovery, to say the least, came as I struggled with a host of recurring, previously unresolved, inflammatory issues.”

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