In the neonatal unit of the Countess of Chester Hospital, dramas unfolded. Barely born, several babies died without the parents understanding why. These infants did not die of natural causes but were killed by a nurse. In the space of two weeks Lucy Letby would indeed have murdered three babies before killing two other children. In all, she allegedly murdered a total of five boys and two girls between June 2015 and June 2016 and attempted to murder at least ten others. “This hospital is a very busy general hospital and within the maternity unit there is a neonatal unit which takes care of premature and sick babies, explained the prosecutor to the court. In this sense, the hospital is like many others in the UK, but unlike many other hospitals, in the neonatal unit a poisoner was at work.”

According to the prosecutor, a sudden increase in unexpected deaths had alarmed the consultants. “They noticed that the unexpected deaths had a common denominator – the presence of a neonatal nurse and that nurse was Lucy Letby,” he continued at the young woman’s trial. During their investigations, the police discovered that she had poisoned the babies with insulin. “There are a very small number of people who could have been the poisoner, because access to a neonatal unit is very restricted, he continued. These were not accidents and, if we have reason, it will help you assess other children’s meltdowns and deaths because someone was sabotaging them or if they were just tragic coincidences.”

The trial will last for months

According to him, Lucy Letby had shown an “unusual interest” in the families of the children she allegedly attacked. The judge of this trial, Mr. Goss, earlier asked the jury of eight men and four women to put their emotions “aside” when hearing evidence likely to cause “horror”. Lucy Letby denies the 22 charges of murder and attempted murder against her. In fact, the 32-year-old nurse is accused of poisoning two babies with insulin and sabotaging the treatment of other infants during a year. Described as a “constant malevolent presence” in the neonatal unit, she also allegedly tried several times to kill some of the babies there. The trial, scheduled to last six months, is continuing.

The wolf in the sheepfold: behind the angelic nurse, a terrible serial killer in the maternity ward

Nurse suspected of killing babies © Pexels

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