The 2022 edition of the Oscars, postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, was held on the night of March 27 to 28. This was marked by a major rebound that was very unexpected. Actor Will Smith took to the stage after a very inappropriate joke from Chris Rock. Very upset, he did not hesitate to simply slap the comedian. A few hours later, the Academy of Oscars reacted, claiming to “condemn the actions of Mr. Smith during the night’s show last”. Subsequently, it was specified that an “investigation into this incident” had been opened. The verdict was delivered this Friday, April 8, as announced by AFP. Thus, Will Smith is “banned from any Oscar ceremony for a period of ten years”, we can read. A radical decision that the principal concerned had already mentioned: “I will accept all the consequences that the board of directors deems appropriate”, he wrote on his social networks after indicating that his actions during the ceremony had been “shocking , painful and inexcusable”.

On the Oscars stage, celebrities paraded to receive their awards. When Chris Rock came on stage, he was very inspired and wanted to make a little joke. The comedian first mentioned the film A Equal Arms by Ridley Scott, released in 1997 and in which Demi Moore has her head completely shaved. An image he has…. Compared to Jada Pinkett Smith, the wife of Will Smith. If it was simply a joke at the start, it was very badly perceived by the actor since his wife suffers from alopecia, a disease which causes her to lose her hair. Thus, he quickly went on stage and gave a violent slap to Chris Rock before returning to his place and shouting: “Never talk about my wife again!”, he had said. For his part, the principal concerned had continued the show. “It was the greatest night in television history,” he said simply. A few hours later, it was on his social networks that Will Smith had “publicly asked Chris for forgiveness”.

Will Smith: has his career taken a hit?

This slap marked the Oscars ceremony and the personalities present in the room. On social networks, it was very commented on and sanctions quickly fell. Will Smith’s career took a hit as two of his sons were put on hold. This is Fast and Loose, a thriller produced by Netflix and of which he is the hero, but also Bad Boys 4, produced by Sony.

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