It is a real nightmare that has lived by Jennifer Rucci. This woman, originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA), discovered that her baby’s funeral urn was stolen from her car. According to information reported by CBS News, the facts took place on the night of Thursday, November 3, 2022. That evening, the mother of the family parked her vehicle in front of her apartment. A few hours later, an individual forced the door of the car and stole all his belongings which were in moving boxes. “They smashed the passenger side window and took all the boxes from the back,” said Christine, the victim’s sister.

Jennifer was devastated to realize that the urn containing her daughter, Sophie’s ashes, had been stolen. In an attempt to find her, the mother of the family launched an SOS in the media. Her sister, Christine, said the box was made of wood with duck and rabbit designs on it. The child’s first name and date of birth and death were engraved on the side. The baby was just three weeks old when he died in 2007. “It’s like we’re missing a child. It’s devastating and so painful. Jennifer took him everywhere she went, all the time. She just wanted to be buried with her and that made sense to us. He’s her only child,” Christine confessed.

Stolen urn found

“I hope they have a heart and that they will give it back” concluded Christine. A call that was finally heard. Six days after the incident, an unknown person contacted a journalist after finding the ballot box near her apartment. Deep relief for Jennifer: “I couldn’t believe it when we got the call.” The urn was still intact despite a few bumps: “I don’t mind the bumps because we all have wounds and scars. It’s Sophie! She came home and I’m so grateful.” The mother of the family still does not know the identity of the thief but has no desire to find out now that she has found her baby.

The urn containing the ashes of her stolen daughter a devastated mother calls out an SOS


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