This happened a few days ago on RTL. While he was on the radion, comedian and actor Dider Bourdon spoke of a well-known group – unlike its name – that of the Unknowns, which he formed for several years with Pascal Légitimus and Bernard Campan. According to his comments to radio columnists, the return could be soon. “We want to do something” he teased, stressing, however, that the biggest difficulty they could face is simply that of timing. If things fall into place, the Unknowns could return directly to the stage, just to mark the occasion.

“We each have our proposals alone, but I know that it is now that we must do it, especially on stage” explained Didier Bourdon on RTL and whose words were repeated in Le Parisien. With such past popularity, however, the bet is risky and the actor is well aware of it since he emphasizes that “it’s scary”, but he nevertheless intends to embark on this risky path, and he is not the alone. “I was talking about it with Pascal [Légitimus, editor’s note] two days ago. I’m awaiting the opinion of Bernard [Campan, editor’s note]. I think we could take the old sketches and revisit them. And around the table, we would find other ideas “.

The Unknowns are due to meet on January 22

Formed in 1984, the group of Unknowns is at the origin of many cult replicas known by several generations. The challenge would therefore be to succeed in finding this public which has now grown, not to say aged, while trying to seduce the new generations. A reunion date is already planned since the three friends must meet again “on my birthday” explained Didier Bourdon, that is to say on January 22 next. It remains to be seen what kind of project will emerge from this small meeting and especially if things will eventually come to fruition with, as the result, a brand new show – or a movie? – famous strangers.

Didier Bourdon, Pascal Légitimus and Bernard Campan – Les Inconnus © Bernard LEGUAY via Bestimage

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