The Radfords, better known as the UK’s largest family, currently have 22 children. Noel Radford, 51, and his wife Sue, 46, have said they have discussed the possibility of having a 23rd child. Mirror recalls that the Radford’s extended family already has seven children and four dogs. The Radford’s “22 Kids and Counting” is back on Channel 5. At a preview of the show, the Radford couple invited the Walker family, another large family of nine. According to The Sun, Rebecca and Jamie Walker have stopped expanding their family since 2005.

Noel and Sue have invited the Walker family for advice on having a 23rd child. During the show, Noel, the father of 22 children, said he has mixed feelings. He confessed to being happy to have the 22 children and that the family can stop there and move on. On the other hand, he also knows that he will no longer have that feeling of having newborn babies at home that are theirs. “You will always have newborns in the house, who will be your grandchildren,” Jamie retorted. However, Noel thinks it’s not quite the same.

The Radfords asked their kids for their opinion on 23rd child

As they are still in doubt, the Radfords have exposed their plans to have a 23rd child to their children. On the show, Noel gathered them all in the living room. Not all of the Redford’s children are unanimous about having another baby. One of them even said that their parents would be “crazy” if they decided to have another baby. No decision has therefore yet been taken.

The biggest family in the UK – The Radfords © BRUCE ADAMS / DAILY MAIL

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